black cheap monday swing
playing with my hair again
black cheap monday walk
black cheap monday yuke dress and dkny wrap sweater[Cheap Monday dress, DKNY wrap sweater (similar)]

The dreary day we’re having seems like the perfect chance to sneak in a quick post from a lapse in my lighter wear. I have a habit of dressing to mimic the weather. When the sky is all clear and bright, I want clothing that is light and airy in the palest of pale shades. As soon as it turns grey and cold, I reach for head to toe charcoals and blacks. Whatever the color, I do always have a weakness for panels of sheer fabric, silhouettes that float and move like jellyfish, and anything that wraps and drapes.

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2 Responses to Dreamy/Dreary

  1. the draping of the sweater is perfect with that dress. looking forward to sunnier skies this weekend!

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