Daily Covet: Jennifer Behr

jennifer behr lace
[Jennifer Behr Lace Voilette with Spider Web – How perfect would this be for an elegant Halloween masquerade ball?]

I have trouble keeping my coveting in check when it comes to Jennifer Behr.  Her hand-fashioned headbands are favorites of trendsetters and A-list celebrities (Lady Gaga?).  Years ago a particularly iconic collection caught my eye:

jennifer behr

I have followed her work ever since.  Her hair adornments are thoroughly modern without being cheesy, sophisticated but still unexpected, strong with a sense of femininity.  Take, for example, the turban above – she juxtaposed the luxurious satin with some serious hardware.  (And is it just me, or is the other an interesting play on the “crown of thorns” idea?)  Sadly, neither of the styles that originally caught my eye are available anymore, although variations on the turban do appear season to season.

The current seasonal collection has plenty of options to leave you longing.  The cobweb lace veil is by far the most dramatic, but I want to share another that caught my eye – and, as an added bonus, a discount lookalike.  I doubt it matches the handiwork, but on a budget it will get you the same effect.  Which would you choose?

gall_1_large_9b asos leather stud headband small
[left: Jennifer Behr Leather Dinosaur Studded Headband, $162.  right: ASOS Leather Covered Stud Hairband, $8.43 on sale – hurry!]

ASOS wins for the price, but I have to give Jennifer Behr points for the name – I cannot look at this style now without seeing Cera from The Land Before Time.

I’ll leave you with a humble DIY homage to the spiked crown that led me down this path of longing:

Photo 3900 coolcolor

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One Response to Daily Covet: Jennifer Behr

  1. Kaiami says:

    Her hair accessories are so bold and edgy.
    For the price, I’d definitely go with the ASOS headband.
    ooh and your DIY crown-love it!


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