Daily Covet: Bebaroque Bejeweled Tights

bebaroque pixie market

When the Bebaroque Starburst Tights first appeared on Pixie Market it was mid summer, approximately 3000 degrees in our apartment, and our little window AC unit had begun to make that sad, gurgly growling sound and regurgitate chunks of ice – basically as far away from tights weather as you can get.  Yet I knew instantly that they were necessary – perhaps not right then, perhaps not for months, but I would need those $249 tights.  Maybe it was heat stroke.

I at least retained the sense (or the budgetary restrictions) not to drop that kind of cash on the spot.  Instead, I hatched a plan.  It involved a glue gun, a pair of drug store tights in winter white, a collection of sequins, gems and various nonpareil, and a nifty little DIY segment on my blog – none of which I had at the time.  And though I had weeks of hiding out in the semi-air-conditioned apartment perfect for a project of that scope, I managed to acquire only one of the above – this blog.

Time for Plan B: the Bebaroque Diamante Crystal Tights, on sale now for under $65 on ASOS.  I could hardly believe my eyes when I found these.  The very same brand!  Yes, it is highly discounted, but even at the original price it was nearly half of what they were on Pixie Market!  In all fairness, a closer inspection of the details reveals that they might not be exactly the same pair – but if you have to look that closely does it really matter?

tights comparison

[left: Bebaroque Starburst Tights at Pixie Market, $249 ~ right: Bebaroque Diamante Crystal Tights at ASOS, $64.03]

It took great restraint not to order these instantly (particularly with Gregor’s constant encouragement), but I still can’t quite see spending over $50 on tights – even super-sparkly ones – with my current budget, not to mention my propensity to snags and runs.  I don’t know that even I could pull these off in a shredded state (which is not to say I wouldn’t try, perhaps layered over a bright turquoise pair…).


For now I’ve filed these under inspirations.  There might still be a DIY version in my future.

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5 Responses to Daily Covet: Bebaroque Bejeweled Tights

  1. Becca says:

    I’m heart broken that these are so expensive! I am queasy at the thought of $65 tights (nevermind their $250 friend), I never spring for anything nicer than Target tights. I always manage to rip, snag, or run my tights in a matter of a few wears, so I like ones that are cheap! If you’re having sparkly tights craft day anytime soon – count me in!


  2. nikki says:

    i love these and want some. perhaps you should have a DIY sparkly tights craft party!


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  4. Karen says:

    If you like embellished tights, please have a look at http://www.falbala.co.uk for sparkly and embellished hosiery! This is my website and hosiery brand. x


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