Daily Covet: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons Tasunke Horse Hair Necklace

I spent quite a few years working at hair salons along Newbury Street, so I have an interesting relationship with hair.  I learned not to freak out if stray locks found their way into my bag or if my cardigan ended up covered in clippings.  It never seemed strange to me that I have a bundle of leftover human hair extensions nested in my jewelry box – they’re great for crafting headbands or camouflaging hair-ties!

I’d certainly have no qualms adding the Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons Tasunke Horse Hair Necklace to my collection.


I’ve really been embracing a sort of urban warrior look since summer, mixing natural influences like feathers, furs, talons and bones (dying to find just the right headdress within my price range).  The horse hair necklace is a natural progression of the trend.  If you check out Occulter, the Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons shop, you can read a bit more about the Native American legends that inspired this piece and the rest of their Theft of Light collection.

tasunke_female_large 14_hairtassel_black

I highly recommend exploring the site.  They are an incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and conscious brand, providing backgrounds on the history and art forms from which they derive their designs.  Each piece is deeply rooted in tradition yet thoroughly modern.  Many are one-of-a-kind or customized to order.  There’s a $10,500 gold honeycomb necklace that is individually cast in a single-use mold made from abandoned hives – naturally, a portion of the proceeds go to support local urban beekeeping efforts.

I hesitate, what with their name, to refer to them as an instant cult classic, but  a more suitable description might not exist.  Once you discover them you’ll be converted.

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One Response to Daily Covet: Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons Tasunke Horse Hair Necklace

  1. Adrianne says:

    “cruz’s work materializes his obsession with the beauty potentially found in darkness.”
    a mix between beauty and darkness? sounds so electrifying and simultaneously peaceful. instant love.


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