Daily Covet: (In)Decorous Taste Shoe Harnesses


I harbor a secret little daydream.  Most often it surfaces Sunday evenings, or late on a work night when responsibility and the need for sleep weigh heavily on inspirations.  I’d like sometimes to leave it all behind, the city and the stress, and especially practicality.

In these daydreams I’d retire to a hideout in the woods – an abandoned mansion, all velvet and crystal and gold, chandeliers, creepy taxidermy and time stained mirrors, and a heavy veil of dust over mountains of throw pillows.  I would live in vintage, be it lace slips or Japanese silk robes or paint-stained, thread-bare tees, with a constant pile of opulent jewels and ridiculously impractical shoes.  And I would create.

I’d have a metal shop, a jewelers tool kit and a sun room set with brushes and paints.  I would learn to build furniture, to fire glass, to work with leather.  Perhaps with the proper resources and time I could even learn to enjoy sewing.

For better or worse, my life is quite stubbornly planted in reality; however, I’ve found a vicarious escape in the blog world of Lauren Tennenbaum of (In)Decorous Taste.


I can easily get lost in the lavish interiors and decadent fashions.  While most of it has little place in my current existence, her shoe creations make my covet list in any world or circumstance.  Giant lucite platforms filled with spikes, crystals and mirrors, dripping tinsel within their heels, stripped and strapped and horned and wrapped…  And thanks to her newly opened shop, I now have the option of bringing them home – or at least a piece of them.


While the shoes themselves are not for sale, her collection of shoe harnesses can transform any pair into something entirely unique.  I found it impossible to choose between the six styles in her crystals and spikes collection.  They look so good mixed and matched and layered!


Gregor, on the other hand, was instantly infatuated with the plain harness.  He’s been reminding me repeatedly with little hints (“They’d be perfect with these boots!”) and less subtle suggestions (“Buy me those!”).  At $75 for the pair I’ll happily oblige, but he’ll have to fight me to wear them er, share.


I’ll keep saving pennies, as well, for one (or all) of the more elaborate designs, which run $150-300 individually, $275-575 a pair.

And if anyone has the tools and confidence to undertake the full shoe transformation process, detailed here, you must invite me to join you!

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One Response to Daily Covet: (In)Decorous Taste Shoe Harnesses

  1. Becca says:

    Um, not to be a Plain Jane, but I’m with Gregor. I really like the plain harness. It really adds something to the shoes, but it’s subtle enough for every day. Although, I’d love to live a dramatic life where the spiked harnesses could fit right in …. I fear I would order them, and then find no occasions to use them!


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