Daily Covet: Velvet Crush

bodkin comp

There is something so beautifully trashy about crushed velvet.  I avoided it the first time around, turning my nose up at the velvet babydoll dresses of the 90s.  So what has caused my change of heart with the recent grunge revival?  It’s tough to say for certain… I have been harboring a strange condition that attracts me to the most obnoxious of trends.  The more hideous, the more I am compelled to find a way to not just wear it, but love it.

I was thinking small – a crushed velvet dress, a pair of leggings or shorts, maybe a jacket if I was particularly inspired.  Then I spotted the Bodkin Velvet Catsuit on Bona Drag, and any thought of subtlety was put to rest.  This could be the piece to make me fall in love with velvet (and, if I plan on wearing it out of the house, it could also be the piece to make me invest in Spanx).

No getting around the fact that it resembles the most luxurious pair of pajamas imaginable, with its extra long sleeves and legs.  While it would feel like a dream, the mere confidence it takes to don a catsuit would make a stunning impression.  Besides, with proper styling it’s not so intimidating: a pair of platform heels to elongate the legs, a belt to break it up, some heavy necklaces, and a baggy, boyfriend cardigan or thick-knit car coat.  I’m up for the challenge.  In fact, at only $110 this catsuit is nearing can’t-live-without status on my list.

While for me Bodkin has stolen the show, I realize this might not be everyone’s top pick.  Fear not – there are plenty of options to rock this trend, whatever your taste or tolerance.

Bona Drag

bonadrag velvet

Even before I was smitten with the little Bodkin number, Bona Drag was leading my velvet fantasies.  The With Hearts in My Eyes Black Crushed Velvet Pants seem like a safe option to ease any uncertainties, and the scooped back on their Velvet Sylvie Fishtail Dress is to die for (they make a fishtail skirt too)!  As for the itty bitty slip dress on the right?  Lindsey Thornburg may be known for her full-coverage cloak designs, but she proves she can strip it down with her Velvet Speakeasy Mini.

Pixie Market

pixie velvet

Pixie Market came in a close second.  Their roster of emerging designers offer unique takes on the trend, pairing it with unexpected details like overlying mesh panels, feather accents and distinct cuts.  Left to right: Gemma Degara Velvet Double Layer Dress; Something Else by Natalie Wood Velvet Shoulder Pouch Bag; Shape Shiftr Sapphire Blue Velvet Jacket.


topshop velvet

Topshop took full advantage of velvet’s versatility with a range of styles, including  playful jumpers, retro intimates and luxe basics.  Left to right: Kate Moss for Topshop Glitter Velvet Playsuit; Velvet and Diamante Bandeau and Velvet High Waisted Knickers; Velvet Tuck Shoulder Tee.

Urban Outfitters

urbanoutfitters velvet

If you want to stay on the safe side, Urban Outfitters offers multiple options.  You can’t go wrong with a velvet mini dress and sheer patterned tights.  Left to right: Betsey Johnson Crushed Velvet Dress; Urban Renewal Johann Almost Famous Velvet Dress; Sparkle & Fade Crushed Velvet Body Con Dress.

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3 Responses to Daily Covet: Velvet Crush

  1. I hadnt put two and two together, but yeh the grunge style is really making a come back! Ive even been dressing that way a bit lately and havent even thought about it! Great come back post lady!! I check your blog everyday. Xoxox


  2. Marissa says:

    Only you could pull of that catsuit, Holly! I better be seeing it on you soon!


  3. Becca says:

    OK, I was having a crushed velvet craving the other day and thought I was going crazy. I saw a velvet cape? sweater? In, fact I’m not sure what it would be called. Anyways, I’m glad I’m not alone in this bizarre and obnoxious craving.


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