Chop Shop

I did it: I chopped off all my hair!  It’s not that I hadn’t considered it before – over the past summer, in fact, I’d given it serious thought.  Of course, then my hair was little more than a bob.  As soon as the style filled in a bit more I became an addict for braids and twists and the occasional tease.

Even as recent experimenting with new toners and bleaching methods brought my hair to levels of damage I had only experienced after the original transformation from black (and red, and a few bits of purple) to white, I worked with my stylist to salvage the lengths.  If anything, I reasoned, I could sacrifice the color.  After over two years of an elfin silvery-blonde perhaps it was time to go dark again.   Against common sense I decided with stubborn defiance that I would let it grow.

That is, until last Friday, the day of my appointment.  The unglamorous truth behind the bleach was difficult to ignore, and my resolution began to waver.  It was not until the moment I stepped through the door at Bradley & Diegel that I knew I was going for the cut.

Maria and I had already spoken about longer styles, but she eagerly welcomed my sudden change of heart (I think she’d been waiting for me to come around to this decision).  I quickly pulled up a few pictures of styles I liked and trusted her to take it from there.

the inspiration:

glamourai_daisy2wsq 62106188sq
hair41sq agyness_deyn_thumbsq
[“The Glamourai” Kelly Framel; Ashlee Simpson; Sienna Miller; Agyness Deyn. Click for sources.]

and the cut:


I absolutely adore my haircut!  Maria gave me exactly what I didn’t know I wanted.

So… what do you think?

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5 Responses to Chop Shop

  1. Adrianne says:

    You look amazing! It frames your face perfectly. I love how the sides of the hair falls a little close to your jawline. It’s beautiful and carefree. :)


  2. Jessica says:

    OMGIFUCKINGLOVEIT. seriously. love. for. real. jealous.


  3. Kaiami says:

    Oh, yes! I am a sucker for short cuts. I wish more women would do it! When I first chopped off my hair, I had so many comments on how long hair looks better. It looks absolutely incredible on you.

    I’ve always wondered; what is your natural hair color? I’ve always been jealous of your hair color. As much as I’d love the color for myself, I can’t quite pull it off with my skintone.


  4. Orchid Grey says:

    It looks amazing my dear, better than all those “inspiration” pics combined!


  5. neekoh says:

    I already said this, but I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I’m also way into your blog :)

    Live Love LA


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