Costume Department: Factory Girl


On December 2, I turned 28 – so old, I know!  And while weekend plans were put on hold as I was called in to cover the salon with Gregor, it did give me a perfect opportunity to show off some of my new birthday spoils:


I’ve had my eye on the Society for Rational Dress silk tunic at Uncle Pete’s Shop for several months now.  What luck that we happened to stop in on the walk home from work, and it happened to be on sale, and it happened to be my birthday so I could not argue with Gregor when he insisted on buying it for me.  (If you’re in Boston I highly recommend making your way to the shop to check out their winter markdowns – so many steals!)

Oh, and if you recall my lamenting a lack of a winter coat, problem solved.  The gorgeous (and extremely warm) Oak square collar coat arrived from my parents – the perfect combination of splurge and sensibility (especially since they snagged it over 50% off during the site’s Thanksgiving weekend super deals).

Happy birthday to me!

[dress, Society for Rational Dress from Uncle Pete’s Shop; sweater, DKNY; coat, Oak; necklace, vintage from The Haberdash; boots, Aldo]

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5 Responses to Costume Department: Factory Girl

  1. noelani says:

    Happy Birthday! What a perfect way to celebrate, getting your hair done and celebrating with such an awesome purchase (the dress is absurdly beautiful). I need to get into Uncle Petes. I am resolved to try and go today. Your pictures are stunning, it’s so icky and challenging trying to get good ones indoors… that winter is upon us.


  2. Becca says:

    Happy birthday to you indeed! You certainly picked out some awesome presents. Color me jealous. And, I know I told you via twitter, but I’m really digging the new hair! It looks great on you, and it’s probably not a look that many girls could pull off. Although, now everytime that I see you, I’m going to get an urge to go watch Factory Girl. Although, I suppose that’s not a bad thing either. I’m really looking forward to gingerbread houses and crafts tomorrow!


  3. neekoh says:

    Happy birthday!!
    You look gorgeous. I looooove your hair way too much!

    Live Love LA


  4. Meri says:

    That dress is awesome! I’d have to layer it quite a bit here in MN right now, but it looks great on you!
    Happy belated Birthday!


  5. holleigh says:

    Thank you all! It was a perfect birthday weekend!


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