Daily Covet: Finsk Color Block 252-98 Wedge

I’m noticing a rather specific trend in my attractions: black and light gray color block leather wedges with purple accents.  Who knew there was more than one pair?  It began with the Illex Kinni Broadway wedges I posted a couple of weeks ago.  Then tonight I came across the latest Finsk offerings on Solestruck:


Seriously, need these!  I’d been considering other color variations of the style for a while, but the moonman silver Oak carried was a little too Studio 54 for everyday wear (on my budget I need to stay mildly practical), and the more subtle colors Solestruck stocked were too understated to show off the prism-like architectural heel.  This new combo strikes a perfect balance.  The touch of purple breaking up the black-color-block-black-wedge highlights the faceted cut, but the shoe is still neutral enough to quickly become a wardrobe staple.  I’m picturing this with leather shorts and an over-sized top, with maxi dresses, with mini dresses, with sequined leggings, with shredded tights…  Endless possibilities!

According to the Solestruck blog this is their final reorder of the style.  Heartbreaking, as it will inevitably sell out before my bank account recovers from the holidays.  If you’ve got the cash and a sense for fashion you’ll grab a pair while you can.  And if you’ve got a generous streak… I’m a size 6.


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4 Responses to Daily Covet: Finsk Color Block 252-98 Wedge

  1. sami says:

    i can totally see you in these! hello, that’s what credit cards are for,– buy now, pay later! get them!



  2. Marissa says:

    These are amazing! I’ve heard the Finsk wedges are pretty easy to walk in, too. Not that it’s much of a factor when girls like us buy shoes, but it doesn’t hurt. :)


  3. Oh hey now, those are kind of ridic and totally amazing. Just do it…you know you’ll regret it, I’m with Sami and Marissa on this decision.


  4. holleigh says:

    You all are bad influences! ;) So tempted, but I’ve been good at reserving my credit card for necessities only, and I fear once I break that rule things can go ugly very quickly…


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