Daily Covet: Bodkin SS11

bodkin garden blazer caos tank garden shorts

Oh, Bodkin! This is not the first time I’ve featured items from the cult-favorite, eco-friendly Brooklyn label by Eviana Hartman (whose impressive resume includes stints at Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Nylon). The effortlessly chic attire is currently defining my daydreams of warmer months ahead (because this winter cannot go on forever… can it?).

Their SS11 look book has the feel of an urban safari. Of course, instead of tracking a herd of giraffes or observing rituals of the watering hole, the Bodkin girl is tracing the city in search of perfect platform sandal without breaking a sweat, or disappearing amongst the swank crowd after sneaking into the city’s most exclusive rooftop pool.

bodkin rhizome dress bodkin perennial jacket tulip top nightshade dress
bodkin filament onesie bodkin orchard jacket filament onesie
bodkin lab shirt bodkini bodkin twitser swimsuit
bodkin savanna sweatshirt corolla skirt bodkin calyx tank skirt

My top picks:
1.  The Caos Tank: A warm weather alternative to the wildly popular sweater from their winter collection, this is the ultimate in fashion editor style (you know, way cooler than you without trying).
2.  The Rhizome Dress: I’ll take a flawless white frock over an LBD any day. It has all the versatility to cover a day at the office, an afternoon of errands about town, or a night out at the city’s hottest new eatery – just pass on the red wine, perhaps.
3.  The Nightshade Dress: I can’t get enough of the sheer maxi dresses that are showing up for spring. Though it’s hard to tell under that jacket, I imagine the coral-hued Tulip Top is the perfect cover – and just picture it with a matching shade of lipstick! (You can get a better look at the top and the rest of the look book on the Bodkin site.)

These styles will begin trickling into shops over the next few weeks. A handful of pieces are already available for pre-order from Kind Boutique, and I’m keeping a close eye on Bona Drag for new arrivals. If the price is right, one of those dresses will be coming home to me.

Oh, and a final treat for you before I sign off for the night… I am introducing a new little gem to the blog, courtesy of Gregor. Lately he’s been providing me with quips to describe his favorite brands and items. They are random, humorous and somehow spot-on. I’m so thoroughly enjoying his unique perspective that I just have to share. Be on the lookout in future posts for these snippets of “boyfriend after two beers” (because clearly that’s when his creative process flourishes).

For this collection?
“The man in the yellow hat wins the lottery and becomes obsessed with models. This is the scene around his backyard pool.” – boyfriend after two beers

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2 Responses to Daily Covet: Bodkin SS11

  1. Marissa says:

    Ooh… I love it all! Especially the rhizome and nightshade dresses.


    • holleigh says:

      Remember I said I was imagining dresses inspired by the paneling at Symphony Hall? I was basically picturing a ball gown version of the Rhizome dress. Isn’t it so perfect!?


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