NYFW DIY: Vena Cava’s Nail Polish Rings

The scene at the Vena Cava AW11 show was like the college kids’ coffee house hangout in an episode of Boy Meets World – berets, cropped tops and a palette of mostly black, in this case accented occasionally by polka dots. Models donned stringy hair and some serious heavy metal eye makeup (I’ve seen less glitter on high school cheerleaders).

The detail that got the blogosphere abuzz, however, was the nail polish – a concept by Nonie Creme of Butter London. She used multiple shades to create rings around models’ upper fingers while leaving the nails themselves bare.

vena-cava-fall-winter-2011-beauty-13 vena-cava-fall-winter-2011-beauty-8
[images via Refinery29]

As soon as Refinery29 tweeted a photo from backstage I grabbed my nail polish to take the style for a test run.

While Vena Cava showed off Butter London’s new fall colors, I went with what I had on hand  (no pun intended) – Illamasqua Rare and Essie Chinchilly. Gorgeous as the painted bands looked adorning the bare digits of the models (seriously, do even their hands have to be so long and slender?), I chose to use them as an accent to my already stacked rings.

IMG_1549 IMG_1563

As you can see, this straight-from-the-runway look is totally wearable and practically fool-proof, even for manicurially-challenged individuals like myself. All you need is tape and a few complementary polish choices.

IMG_1495 IMG_1496

Tape off either side of your desired band. The tape should be tight – no gaps – and should just overlap. You can fold the end over onto itself, creating a tab for easy removal.

IMG_1510 IMG_1511

Apply polish by dabbing it straight onto skin rather than swiping or brushing. Start with a thin coat – you can add more later.

IMG_1516 IMG_1518

Peel back the tape before the polish has a chance to dry. Once it gets tacky it will stretch and pull, and you won’t get a clean line. You can continue to carefully tape around the edges of the band and apply additional coats as desired, but remove the tape between each.

This method of removing and re-taping will also help to clean up any minor smudges around the edges while the nail polish is still wet. For major mess-ups you can use a folded corner of paper towel dipped in nail polish remover.

If you are applying side by side bands of different colors, allow the first ring to dry completely – at least 30 minutes – before taping over it.

IMG_1572 IMG_1571

On a side note, Gregor had no “boyfriend after two beers” commentary specifically related to the polish trend, but the Vena Cava show in general sent him on a whirlwind of 90s references, from Blossom to Reality Bites to “90210, late in the series when no one was really watching” – and, yeah, the phrase “blousier than Joey Lawrence’s wardrobe” did come up.

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4 Responses to NYFW DIY: Vena Cava’s Nail Polish Rings

  1. Hahahaha, Gregor sounds like a good guy to have next to you, to bring you back to Earth! This is a pretty cool look, it’s like easy diy rings! I didn’t even really notice it while I was flipping through the show.

    xo, Ashley


  2. neekoh says:

    I am absolutely enamored by your DIY! It’s going on my “to try” list. Will post photos :)



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