Springtime Brings Out the Kool-Aid

Is it wrong to say that Kurt Cobain is my current hair idol? Purposefully stringy and grungy strands were all over the FW11 runways at shows like Vena Cava and Nicholas K, and the recent celeb-favorite ombré trend is reminiscent of the grown-out roots he was wearing almost 20 years ago. My latest hair fantasy is a cross between Scarlett Johansson’s long, tousled bob at the 2011 Oscars and this:


Then there’s the notorious Kool-Aid dye job. Of course the colorfully-inclined had been using this trick since before Seattle had a sound, but when Kurt emerged with his fuchsia locks the story became pop culture legend and the singular reference point for all powdered beverage beauty DIY-ers to follow.

This would be a good time to mention that Gregor geeks out a bit over Nirvana. When I was looking for pictures for this post he could tell me the exact performance to find, complete with dates and a few anecdotes for good measure. (However, when I asked who broke the Kool-Aid story, he shrugged, “It’s just one of those things we’ve always known.”)

No surprise, then, that he’s strongly encouraging me to take a coloring cue from Mr. Cobain.


I have always dreamed of pink hair (although it’s more of a candyfloss pastel in my mind), and what was once a look reserved for crusty punks and grunge groupies has since become increasingly mainstream. It’s been cited as inspiration by fashionistas and runway stylists. Last year Refinery29 even posted step-by-step instructions

If I had a way to reconcile the decidedly unprofessional style with my day job I’d be breaking out the Kool-Aid packets tonight. Until I work that out, I’ve started playing with some spray-in pink highlights on the weekends.


Admittedly, the color above is completely photoshopped in. I did have a heavy dose of highlights, but the pale pastel shade was so subtle it barely shows in pictures (as you’ll see below).

The pictures do show off a few new toys Gregor and I picked up in what’s turned into a month-long tax refund shopping spree. In addition to the clothing, we got some cheap lighting, a tripod and a remote for our photo sessions. (Disclaimer: This was a quick, casual first attempt at setting it all up, so be gentle.)

[UNIF Clothing Jesus Saves tee; Mikkat Market lace shorts; Jessica Simpson Dany platform sandals; Alexander Wang bra; Club Monaco sequins jacket; AllSaints hat]

How incredible – and appropriate – is this tee?! Plus it’s super soft and perfectly worn in, like that one thrift store shirt Gregor’s lived in for the past 15 years. He and I are already staking claims. I got to wear it first, but he insists on keeping it in his closet.

To offset the deconstructed top, I paired it with some fanciful, femme separates like my new scalloped edge lace shorts, a glitzy sequins blazer and towering platform heels. The result is just like Kool-Aid pink tresses – a bit sweet with a lot of attitude.

I’ll leave you with one last bit of inspiration:

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14 Responses to Springtime Brings Out the Kool-Aid

  1. lei ann says:

    hi holly! i love your style! the fact that your bunny snuck in for one photo is too awesome for words ^_^


  2. I’m totally digging Kurt Cobain’s hair in that first pic…my ombre hair has been driving me crazy lately, but Kurt’s looks pretty rocking. Bed head is just pretty awesome.

    I think you look adorable with cotton candy colored hair Holly! That’s not really something I ever thought that I’d say…but it’s so true. Damn that day job!

    xo, Ashley


    • holleigh says:

      I love your hair! Are you thinking of a change?

      My fear is that as soon as my hair is long enough for ombre it will be outdated. I’m sticking to the goal of cotton candy hair.


      • I actually just got it re-highlighted. With the spring comes my desire to lighten my hair, it’s like clockwork.

        Hahaha, I do really think you could pull off pastel hair, Holly! Just gotta figure out a way to get around that whole “day job” thing…


  3. noelani says:

    I love the pink!! One of those things I have always wanted the guts to do but will never end up doing, but forever admiring on others. And the outfit? It is edgy but somehow really cute and feminine, and totally gorgeous (mai oui). I am in fits of jealousy.


  4. Nora says:

    You are too fabulous for words. Also, my stylist is trying to do crazy coppers in my hair… with job interviews coming up, yes or no?


  5. Becca says:

    That’s awesome! I love the pink.Ugh, I wish your day job didn’t have such a problem with it, because if I know anyone who could rock some pink hair – it’s you!! I’ve been thinking about doing some fun colored strands in the underlayers of my hair – I’m thinking purple? But this depends on my employment situation too. Wouldn’t want to scare any jobs away with my out there hair.


  6. kurt DOES have awesome hair! i wonder if he used product to get that clumpy messy look, or if it was really just dirty… even though your purple color is subtle, i think it looks really nice.


  7. adriana says:

    you do not even KNOW how long I have had that tee on my wishlist for. like, fuckin foreverrrr. it looks great on you. god, i love your blog. its like how i used to look before i popped outta kid. (i swear, im gettting back there)


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