Going Under: Pt 1

I’m not too proud to admit it: Gregor was right. Back when I was just beginning to discover now widely popular labels like Shakuhachi, Something Else and The Cassette Society, he was already fully immersed in the burgeoning Australian fashion scene. Of course, his interest followed a slightly darker aesthetic, influenced by the designs of Gareth Moody.

When Moody (of Ksubi/Tsubi fame) launched Chronicles of Never, he god-fathered a movement that put Australia at the center of the cult fashion scene. In the years since CON’s rise to success waves of labels with neo-cubist influences have cropped up down under. The spawn of this movement share a few identifying characteristics: A post-apocalyptic desert aesthetic (think Beyond Thunderdome, with less leather); a favored palette of black and white; and logos marked by clean lines and geometric shapes (specifically, triangles).

While the aptly-named Moody remains king of the scene, Gregor and I found a few up-and-coming designers that promise to take high rank among the underground elite. I recommend learning these now, before the rest of this hemisphere catches on.




Looks like: High style at 3:00am, three quarters of a bottle down

Melbourne based duo Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci launched Trimapee as a menswear line in 2005 and have grown to encompass women’s wear and accessories. The line shows influences of Carlucci’s background in industrial design and the pair’s previous work as sculptural artists.


Emma Rea

emma rea

Looks like: What would become of Tinkerbell if Peter Pan’s lost boys overdosed on the Cure and pixie dust were a downer

The Brisbane designer creates draped and layered feminine looks that maintain tomboy attitude for her namesake women’s label launched in 2008.


Make Sean Famous

make sean famous

Looks like: A math professor with a criminal record

Korean-born and Brisbane-raised designer Sean Barker put his education in Graphics and Arts to work launching a men’s wear and t-shirt line in 2009. With each season the line has evolved toward a more refined silhouette – recently going so far as to embrace the occasional pattern or color (gasp!) – while maintaining traces of the original influences. It’s apocalyptic casual wear meets dark Euro prep.


Of course, we’d be remiss if we left you with these amazing garments but neglected the proper hardware to accessorize. Check back later this week for Part 2 with Gregor’s top picks in jewelry lines.

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8 Responses to Going Under: Pt 1

  1. liz says:

    Love this post, Holls! The “looks like” descriptions are spot-on.


  2. I love Love LOVE Australian fashion and most of all their jewelry designers. I post a ton of them. I can tell your site will be a source of inspiration for me for sure. See you soon I hope.



  3. Marissa says:

    Can’t wait to see the jewelry; those Aussies certainly do love their triangles. :)


  4. I just fell in love with you a little bit, I love how you described each of these brands absolutely perfectly and originally. While making me laugh.

    I think my favorite thing about Aussie style is that the clothes always have a flow to them. It’s got a kind of laid back, who cares, I don’t give a fuck but I know I look good thing…

    xo, Ashley


  5. Rattie says:

    Totally agree with Liz and Ashley! Especially in regards to the Emma Rea description. Your words are downright decadent… and it is about damn time the triangle gets some love. Let’s go to Australia someday, ok? OK!


  6. Becca says:

    Oh – these are so your style. I can see you being right at home in any one of these creations. And the Trimapee visual is amazing. I love that cool graphic effect around the models. I’ve never kept a close eye on downunder style, but you should resurrect Gregor’s regular post and make him share all his cutting edge designer intel!


  7. Ria says:

    Can’t wait to check out these brands/designers. Australia is seriously cranking it out.


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