Costume Department: Back and Breaking Rules

Thank you so much to everyone for your concern and kind words. After weeks of treatment and taking it easy I am very happy to let you know that my vision made a full recovery (or at least I’m only as blind as I was to begin, which is correctably so). It’s still a few weeks before I find out whether contacts will be an option again. Until then, let me introduce you to the latest fixture on my face – the Webb by Warby Parker:


With any luck they will be making the shift from a permanent appendage to an occasional addition. Don’t get me wrong – I could not have asked for a more perfect pair – but having a mandatory accessory has started to dictate certain wardrobe choices. (For example, it looks just ridiculous to wear a feather headdress and glasses…)

That being said, there was one particular outfit that I felt worked. It wasn’t dominated by the glasses, but they didn’t look out of place. It didn’t play into the nerdy chic aesthetic I’ve been stuck in lately.

[Cheap Monday dress from I Don’t Like Mondays; vintage Esprit top; Forever 21 leggings, earrings and feather necklace; AllSaints necklace; Warby Parker glasses; Jeffrey Campbell shoes]

[Side note: After taking a month off of outfit photos I can only assume I’m out of practice. There’s no other excuse for the goofy expression and awkward pose before you – and this was the best of the bunch!]

Of course, I broke a few rules here. And I’m not even talking about pairing navy and black (although I feared BostonMo would crucify me for the combination).

I hereby confess that I wore this to not one, but two events in the same week. I’m only human. I was feeling particularly glum given the fashion limitations of wearing specs, the odd jolting-yellow effect the medications had on my last bleach job, and the discovery upon unpacking summer clothes that I’ve gained a few pounds in the past year. So when I found an outfit I really liked, I went for it.

First, at the Swapaholics‘ Earth Day Exchange:

[Above: With Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria]

[A closer look at my braids and blooms (and a feather for good measure)…]

And then at the Easter Bunneh Party at Uncle Pete’s Shop:

[Instax photos by Alipio Hernandez]

Do you revoke my fashion blogger license for doing so? I certainly hope not, because it’s so good to be back!

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13 Responses to Costume Department: Back and Breaking Rules

  1. So glad you’re back and you looked adorable the other night. Bummed I missed the BUNNY! Anyway your braids are perfection.


  2. lei ann says:

    heck no! wearing the same outfit to 2 events isn’t bad! didn’t anna wintour do it during one of the fashion weeks? you always look good! still obsessed with your braids & flowers…btw ^_^


  3. noelani says:

    So glad you have you back with some fresh outfits posts! Sorry I missed you at the Tannery- I am forever early and you are always on the late shift. We will have to meet in the middle soon;)


  4. Kristen says:

    Here is the thing; I have been into fake glasses for awhile now and am totally considering order my five try on pairs from WP. Do you think this will come back and bit me in the you-know-what when I go to the eye doctor and hear I have to wear real glasses? Love the look on you – you look cool and chic!


    • holleigh says:

      Glasses are so much more fun when they’re not necessary! Definitely do the WP try-ons – nothing to lose. I am hoping to pick up another style or two eventually.


  5. Miss Neira says:

    Adore those earrings, I love that green color reminds me of Spring (and why is not here in Boston yet?!)
    and I love najeema! great blogger.

    Miss Neira


  6. Becca says:

    You can go ahead and keep your fashion blogging license (shhhh… don’t tell – there are no rules, and no fashion blogging police – it’s an all out free-for-all!). I love the glasses too. I’ve realized in teh past week that I need to wear mine more often (and contacts aren’t an option for me), so I may have to get some cute warby parkers, so I stop pretending I have perfect vision and going sans glasses when I shouldn’t.


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