Dandy in Black: SLC Summers

It’s been a while since Gregor has shared his male perspective on the blog, but today he’s back with some covet-worthy late summer essentials for the boys (and a peek into our upcoming getaway plans). Enjoy!
– Holly


Summer is the time I begin to crave long winding roads in Parleys Canyon driving my grandfather’s 1966 Ford Thunderbird. This is the time for wide landscapes and cars with no air conditioning. This is road trip time, places that you don’t belong but find your way to regardless. This is the time for moments in which you realize there hasn’t been a thought in your head for at least two and a half songs, but, then, you remember how much you love that song. Then you realize you just had a perfect moment. Sometimes those are the only ones you know you’ve had… the ones you don’t remember at all.


We are preparing for our yearly trip to Park City. Right now plans include teepees, Salt Flats, family, food, Jesus and Mary Chain and the forever master of “cool” Nick Cave. This is my color scheme. I wonder occasionally if I wore all monochromatic colors, black, white, gray, before working in the salon industry or if this is a reaction to the environment. Without a doubt this is my closet.  To this add my Australian obsession and you have my summer wardrobe laid out in front of you.

i need these pants

Vince | Twisted Seam Sweater Tee – $175
I found this item in the women’s section at the same time as discovering Vince for men is truly boring.  The men’s section is where girlfriends buy their dull boyfriends a new gray sweater thinking that name on the tag makes it more exciting than the exact one hanging in his closet right now from Banana Republic.

Oak Black Label Printed Camp Shirt – $278
No one will remember the show Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. It was an early 90s teen comedy “inspired by” (read as: straight ripped off) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The title character Parker Lewis wore nothing but these over-sized dress shirts that looked like something that would pass for modern art. This is the modern example.

Chronicles of Never Eliptic Vest – £80.00
Vest? Check. Black? Check. Drape? Check. And this fits the requirements to be in Gregor’s closet.

Chrønicles øf Never Corpus Callosum Sunglasses – $316
The unobtainable staple.

Chrishabana Dark Gunmetal Five Spike Necklace – $138
I love his pieces. They fit into the vain of geometric and gunmetal. I’ve heard a rumor of an exclusive piece being created for a local Boston boutique… We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Barbara Gongini Long Jacket – $795
There is no such thing as over kill.

LONG Clothing Cube T-Shirt – £35
This line of basic over-sized tees with a collection of geometric shapes is so simple that I should hate it. I don’t hate this.

Oak Drop Chino Pant – $142
These have become a summer work staple for me. They are light and comfortable.

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12 Responses to Dandy in Black: SLC Summers

  1. Michele says:

    I totally remember Parker Lewis Can’t Lose; I thought it was so cool!


    • gregoreaux says:

      I swear I was the only one who remembered that show! I actually don’t recall that much other that his shirts and his hair.


  2. noelani says:

    This is exactly what I needed for husband. I may be obsessed with those sunglasses as well…..but for myself. Your trip sounds delicious, enjoy!


  3. Caroline says:

    Love the 80’s goth look collage, so cool :D xxx


  4. Amanda says:

    love it, Greg! and the car….ohhh swoon!


    • gregoreaux says:

      Thank you! I love that car so much. I wish I could have it here but I could never do that to it. It needs the open road not Boston streets.


  5. renata says:

    he has great stilo – I like a man who can wear a dress, fight with me (goodnaturedly) over american apparel tanks, and still be very masculine doing so!




  6. I’d love to see you make over my bf in this kind of way. He couldn’t fight and he could return everything but it would be a great exercise for him to see where he could be! haha no?!


  7. Kristen says:

    Parker Lewis! Omg. Love the Gregor post – and the vacation and wardrobe planning :)


  8. black chinos says:

    The 80′s goth look collage is really so cool, I love this!


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