Daily Covet: SGC N-Y-C Fall 2011

SGC NYC Fall 2011 h2
SGC stands for Social Gathering Clothing – seems an appropriate name for the New York-based street wear label. If you follow them on Twitter, Facebook or their ever-active blog, you know this line goes beyond the clothes. It’s a cool kids culture club that it seems everyone wants to be a part of. The brand is like an ongoing conversation among friends – of course, their friends happen to be musicians, designers, artists, and the general effortlessly hip.

The influence of these connections is heavily reflected in the line, which is more a lifestyle than a traditional fashion label. They collaborate with their talented circle to produce limited edition pieces, including bags and skate decks (like this example by Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style).

SGC NYC Fall 2011 h1SGC NYC Fall 2011 h15

Of course at the heart of all this is a line of tees, tanks, sweaters and dresses, each ready to be your new favorite staple. The brand’s new website launched today launches this Thursday, and along with it their Fall 2011 editorial. Like previous collections, designs aren’t overly complicated, with a focus instead on fabric and fit. The resulting pieces are soft, light, and have a perfectly lived-in feel.

If the last season was inspired by New York City – late night concerts, hanging with friends in the park – the latest season is a New Yorker’s take on LA. It’s a little Hollywood black magic in the grit behind the polished surface. They keep the same retro, PhysEd vibe, this time with a bit more leather.

SGC NYC Fall 2011 h4SGC NYC Fall 2011 h8

I have my eye on the sheer black tank with a leather cross back (and I have a feeling Gregor would fight me for it – he’s already added their women’s items to his wish lists, and he consistently harasses them on Twitter for any news of a men’s collection.) I’m also feeling the leather-trimmed sweatshirt and pocket tee.

In my head I could slip these on and step right into living their latest editorial – pillow fights, pinball, fedoras and cat ears, record shops and sleazy city streets. (Of course, in my head I’m also five inches taller, five years younger, and I resemble their lookbook babe, Kelley Ash.)

If the video still hasn’t won you over (what’s wrong with you?!), check out this interview with the designers and fall in love a little more.

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5 Responses to Daily Covet: SGC N-Y-C Fall 2011

  1. Kristen says:

    I haven’t heard about this brand – thanks for introducing me to it! Is that a sweatshirt with leather bands that I spy? Awesome. Some times I feel like brands like this are Too Cool for me – they probably don’t picture me as their customer. But I like that I can pick up some items (like that sweatshirt) that will totally work with my look…


  2. Kristen says:

    PS – Just went to their website. Hellooooo denim dress!


    • holleigh says:

      So not “too cool” for you. I feel like anyone can wear the pieces. They just do a good job of making them look unattainably cool in their editorials. That denim dress is totally you!


  3. Marissa says:

    I don’t know if I’m quite hip enough for this line, but I’ll take the leather-banded sweatshirt please!


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