Costume Department: Skid Row


When I was growing up, there were two movies that were constantly on in my house. A Christmas Story ran its course November-January. The rest of the year it was the 1986 feature film musical Little Shop of Horrors. The songs became some sort of off-kilter childhood soundtrack that to this day replays in my head in moments of nostalgia.

While experimenting with the gritty, grungy effects on these photos, I kept picturing the opening credits of the movie: starry depths of a galaxy dissolve into a murky gutter and, as the theme song gives way to first scene, a cast of hard luck characters break into “Downtown / Skid Row.” Maybe it’s just me?


This association could just as easily be attributed to my financial state for the majority of last week, which had Skid Row looking like Park Ave. Of course it takes a high to fall so low. In this case it was a shopping high.


A few Fridays ago, Stel’s on Newbury held a bag sale – as in, purchase a bag for $25-$75 and stuff it with all you can fit from contemporary designers like Acne, Alexander Wang, Mike & Chris, Rachel Comey, Surface to Air… This was a drop-everything-and-cab-over-on-your-lunch-break-to-be-there-at-open, whirlwind-grab-and-go, make-it-back-only-five-minutes-late-to-your-12:00-meeting kind of sale. Along with a few other hardcore shoppers, I arrived early and filled two bags, sending Gregor back later for a third. In the end we made out with over $5000 in merchandise – all for $200. Half of what I grabbed didn’t fit or flatter, once I had time to go through and try everything on, but it was worth it for these LD Tuttle shoes alone – a 35.5 that I grabbed with fingers crossed, and, by some miracle, they fit!

Stel’s was a formidable blow to my weekly finances, but this was also the first day of the LF end of season 60% off sale. I blame Chloe for luring me to Harvard Square with twitter promises of discounted Jeffrey Campbells – who could resist? She (and all the lovely ladies of LF) delivered  – I must have tried on 10 pairs! Sadly I did not bring any home. My afternoon spree left me with only enough for one item, and I knew this boxy, over-sized, sheer top would be a favorite among my wardrobe.

[LF tunic, AllSaints slip dress, LD Tuttle shoes from Stel’s, Does Not Equal necklace and cross ring]

Being broke isn’t so bad when it’s for a good reason (e.i., not something responsible like paying bills). At least I have lots of new finds to show off in future posts…

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9 Responses to Costume Department: Skid Row

  1. Nicolle says:

    so so so beautiful!


  2. Michele says:

    I’m with you 100% on prioritizing, and a fabulous sale like Stel’s is most definitely a higher priority.


  3. Oh my gosh, that Stel’s sale sounds amazing!


  4. Kristen says:

    I’ve so been here. It seems like it will be a normal week – and then suddenly I remember it’s sale season, and not just sales, KILLER SALES. And suddenly you have all kind of new wares and no pocket change. So you spend the next week at home, eating leftovers and staring at all of your brilliant purchases, thinking, “It’s TOTALLY worth it”.


    • holleigh says:

      Yes! Except we were out of leftovers and had no food in the house. It did force us to go out in search of super cheap date spots, so it was kind of a win-win.


  5. Hah! Kristen nailed it exactly- after all of that shopping we both partook in, I was left looking at my checking account, planning out my lunches for the week (think cheap and frozen) and feeling it was COMPLETELY WORTH IT!


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