Costume Department: Pallor


Who ever commanded “Thou shall not wear white after Labor Day?” I believe, in the right weight and fabric, white translates year round. I find nothing quite as satisfying or versatile as a pure white frock. It can be spritely and playful with an innocent sensuality, or as gothic and mysterious in its deathly pallor as any sable garb.

Unfortunately, what is white rarely stays that way (like my muddying hair – but that’s a story for another post). Aside from this brief photo op, I’ve been hesitant to touch this dress at all for fear I will brush against something or spill a drop of tea, or the edges will grey from wear. I have tucked it away for a special occasion, so at least once it can be seen in its purest form before it’s inevitably scarred by human error and imperfection.

[Gary Graham dress from Stel’s, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, swapped belt, Does Not Equal necklace and cross ring]

The cut of this dress only builds upon the weight of its color. Unbelted, it hangs shapeless from the body like some sort of baptismal gown or religious habit (fitting that we took these pictures at the doors of a church). It would be stunningly symbolic on a taller figure, but I’d appear lost in the unbridled fabric.

IMG_5164 IMG_5161

I’m have faith that experiments with layers and shapes will carry this through to at least pre-fall (nothing a black harness and leather leggings can’t help), but I’ve yet to find my excuse. If the occasion does not strike, this could be tucked away for the season.

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20 Responses to Costume Department: Pallor

  1. Kaiami says:

    Another brilliant outfit by Holly! I can’t see that your hair is muddying at all; it still looks beautiful.


  2. lei ann says:

    i totally agree & LOVE white all year round…as long as the fabric is season-appropriate! i don’t buy into the whole “no white after labor day” either. those who follow that rule, just don’t know how to do it right & girl…you’re doing it RIGHT! miss you guys BTW…hope to see you soooooon :) [hahaha…pre-fall…hahaha!]


  3. lissy says:

    I don’t abide by the white rules either. Wear what you love when you want to, that’s what I say! The dress looks great!


  4. lissy says:

    I don’t abide by the white rules either. Wear what you love when you want to, that’s what I say! The dress looks great!


  5. mary hatch says:

    I know i dont… i just wore all white including shoes the other day.


  6. Kristen says:

    Love this dress, and I think you could pull off the shapeless look, with the right jewelery! You can so pre-fall it, but I know what you mean RE: getting ir dirty. I have the same problem with my beige suede Litas! Dirty, dirty!


  7. noelani says:

    Rules are made to be broken, and I have yet to find a white garment that didn’t benefit from a little bleach touch up (careful though I have burned holes into clothing with bleach!!). I never fail to spill on white and bleach never fails to clean me up.


  8. sami says:

    your hair looks beautiful with the white dress :)!


  9. Marissa says:

    Yay! I knew you’d end up with that dress from Stel’s. MIssed you last night, but I’ll see you Friday?


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