A Lion in Deer Valley

Hungry Lion Smirk

Flowers and Toes

I’m not exactly a tee-shirt and jeans girl – in fact, I find nothing more difficult to wear well. However, Gregor’s vintage “Hungry Lion” shirt is doing a good job of converting me. It is threadbare, worn through to almost nothing, pulled and ripped and run, and the kind of soft that cannot be replicated without decades of wear and washing. Time and effort have gone into making this a perfect tee. He’s kept it in heavy wardrobe rotation since his early teenage years. Then, when it was the pinnacle of comfort, I plucked it from his closet – or rather, he made the mistake of lending it to me.

It was the natural choice for a day of outdoor mountain adventures (and yes, the shoes were also a sensible pick – at least the most sensible I had packed). We drove further up the mountains of Deer Valley to gather wildflowers, take in the view and track down something we had seen from a distance last summer…


Flower Picking

Shoes in Bloom

On Top of the World
[Gregor’s vintage tee, AE shorts, Rugby clutch, vintage scarf, Jeffrey Campbell Litas]

Wildflower Fields

Teepee4 Teepee Couple
[On Gregor: Vintage Levi’s shirt, ASOS tank and necklace, thrifted cut-offs]

I was overly excited when we spotted this teepee from a look-out point last year, so we made it our mission to get a closer look if it was still standing when we returned this summer. Unfortunately there’s not all that much you can do with a teepee that isn’t yours, except take awkward photos (perhaps next year we’ll discover its purpose or work up to stepping inside). At least we could enjoy the views.

Mountain Sun

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6 Responses to A Lion in Deer Valley

  1. Samantha says:

    gorgeous pictures! love the flowers in your boots! i just posted something similar- you’re so prescient! i hate wearing tshirts and jeans too. they make me feel and look so average. but i am jealous you and your man can borrow eachother’s clothes! too cute!



    • holleigh says:

      Thanks doll! I don’t mind the look of tee shirts and jeans so much as I have issues with fit. Nothing is more uncomfortable than stiff, tight jeans! Anyway, I doubt you could ever look only average!


  2. Love the vintage tee and those boots are great for hiking! They’re sturdy and no rock could stand a chance. Great post.


  3. noelani says:

    I love your rocker chic hiking gear! I am very much jealous that you can steal t-shirts from the closet of your significant other. My husbands clothes are usually too straight laced for me, he’s all business all the time.


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