Interdimensional Interlude

[Side Note: I am aware that the title makes no sense (as “interdimensional” relates to alternate realities rather than visualization of space across multiple planes). However, I prefer a cheap play on words to a misleading title like “3D Interlude,” since I was too lazy to Photoshop a 3D effect in. Would have been cool though…]

3D ribs

3D glasses

imma wear you so hard
[Note the JC box in the background.]

Found a little something from Black Milk Clothing under the tree… 3D glasses included. (Thanks Gregors!)

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12 Responses to Interdimensional Interlude

  1. charlotte says:

    Oh my god!! That is so co0l!!! I love it. SO yeah…


  2. Alana says:

    Ooh! What a great present :) Love the photos!


  3. Samantha says:

    wasn’t it marissa tomei in untamed heart that said, “he don’t make sense, i don’t make sense, together, we make sense” hahaa. i think the blog title and shirt work!



  4. Hogger says:

    How cool! And that last shot could require some 3d glasses; love it!


  5. mpchouchou says:

    I feel like I have said this before, but we need to get Gregor to teach my husband how to shop a bit. This is one awesome gift, and I think you are totally allowed creative liberty with titles of posts, especially when they are so pragmatic and poetic.


  6. Roxy says:

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks! I got one of your items from the swapoholic event this week! (Though I admit, I’m not sure which item was yours since tags fell off!)


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