Allegory of the Cave Interlude


In a sleep-deprived state I’m attempting to find something in these photos, hoping to extract some truth or commentary but instead merely tumbling over words. Light and dark. Stone and chain. Shadows. And here it keeps landing me, without a particularly strong connection, at the allegory of the cave.


I’m not a philosopher (and less of a writer with each passing day), but this parable is so firmly planted in my subconscious I’m obliged to allow it occasional attention. If nothing else, it launches me into wild trails of thought. I miss idly chasing ideas. I’m busy and tired, and I complain too much. Because I’m not unhappy – quite the opposite, actually.


I’m just staring directly into the sun without taking the time to acclimate to the light.

[Like Pirates one of a kind necklace by Gabriel J. Shuldiner, borrowed from Occulter.]

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6 Responses to Allegory of the Cave Interlude

  1. Charlotte says:

    YAY!! Another post! I really do like these pictures, they remind me of another one of my blogging buddies (is it creepy that I consider you a blogging buddy? I hope you are not weirded out…) The necklace is very pretty!


  2. Kristen says:

    Isn’t this what being busy doing things we love does to us? We love it! It makes us super happy! But it also makes us super appreciative us nights where we can just sit on the couch (so rare, but so awesome…). Great photos, as per the usual.


  3. Jonell says:

    The second to last photo in this post is my favorite. And that stone? It looks other worldly…which is an excellent word to describe your style. I am a certified fan!


    • holleigh says:

      Thank you so much! The “stone” was some combination of resin, coal and who knows what else. It looked like volcanic glass. The designer does a bunch of other dipped and coated objects too.


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