Pink Flowered Skies

flowered skies


getting lazy with names here
[Society for Rational Dress Kimono]

Let me set the scene for you. Gregor and I are in a cab, piled under our weekend bags. We’ve just gotten off the bus from New York, we’re half asleep, and I am tapping repeatedly at something on my phone.

“What are you doing?” he asks me, and I probably say “nothing” or “what?” or maybe don’t respond at all. “What is that?” he tries again.

“Contest,” I respond, still poking at the picture on my phone. He looks over my shoulder at the Instagram post from Society for Rational Dress – a Valentine’s Day giveaway of a beautiful kimono in the softest pink silk, with a link to enter typed out below. He laughs, “Oh, no wonder you’re so determined.” And I continue to peck at the screen – because Instagram does not actually allow html links, nor does it allow you to copy and paste, but I am just tired enough to believe that if I continue tapping, it will work. (Did I mention I was also sick and deliriously feverish? Does that help my case?)

Eventually I would have typed out the link like a normal person; however, they cross-posted to Twitter so I didn’t have to. You see how this story ends… (Who’s laughing now, Gregor?)

winner (take that)

I may have mentioned my love for Society for Rational Dress before. They focus on comfort – both in form and fabric – with a special attention to detail. In other words, this robe is the epitome of luxury. And although it was fun to roll around in bed, holding a bunny hostage as long as I could for a photo op (which, it turns out, is not very long), I can’t keep something this beautiful under wraps. I imagine I’ll be wearing it jacket-style this spring, to dress up some of my basics.

Huge thanks to Society for Rational Dress – I could not be happier!

lean - no flowers :(

Oh, and one unrelated note… Did you notice the new hair color? It’s very subtle, but this time it’s for real – no markers, chalks or photo editing tricks. I’m starting with tiny pieces to gauge the reaction at the day job, but as my hair gets longer I’m planning to tip it with pale pastel pink all around. Of course, that will be months from now, and with my fickle hair habits I could be on to something else entirely by then…

...and i'm guessing you don't miss the cheesy, amateur photoshop fun...

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10 Responses to Pink Flowered Skies

  1. Samantha says:

    gorgeous kimono and hair as usual! love the pink!!



    • holleigh says:

      Thank you! You were the first person I thought of when I got this – probably because you rocked that gorgeous kimono at the Zoora launch party. Definitely using that as inspiration when I wear this out.


  2. Love this! Glad you won it. It looks amazingly soft. Have a small feeling you’ll be onto another hair adventure when it grows out but if not this does look great :)


  3. lei ann says:

    beautiful (as usual)! love the superimposed flowery images…so dreamy…


  4. Charlotte says:

    HEY!!! Your comment on my post was honestly awesome, I will totally check out Artifaktori!! But the real reason Im commenting is because that Kimono is so unbelievable wonderful… WHY DO YOU LOOK SO PReTTy in EvERyTHinG?! WHY?? Anyways your hair looks very nice, I wish I had dyed it while in Holland (but now Im home with Mom and Dad so Im not allowed too, if I had it would be a bright pink or crayon yellow..) Also you won this in a contest?! WOW, I thought, like no one ever really won those things but you proved me wrong…


  5. Kristen says:

    Beautiful – I love the kimono and the hair :)


  6. Is it like being wrapped in sakura blossoms? I hope so.

    (Thank you for voting for me in the HP competition. I am touched, inspired, grateful.)


  7. Totally dreamlike shoot, and congrats on winning! Pretty hair, too lady.


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