Let’s Make a Habit of This



Hey there. Been a while. (Yes, this is totally going to be one of those awkward, self-conscious, finding-my-voice-again posts.)

There’s been plenty going on since the last update…

  • In my hiatus from blogging, worlds collided. My double life was exposed (i.e., I was outed as a blogger at my day job) when this appeared in the Sunday Globe Magazine.
  • I’m continuing work with Zoora (and actually wearing a skirt from their capsule collection here, customized with a waterfall hemline). Gregor is continuing to take pretty pictures.


I think Tumblr is highly responsible for an outfit like this. It’s bright and trendy, almost to the point of irony. Neon high-low skirt! Leopard print denim shirt! Armful of colorful knotted friendship bracelets! I wear all the trends!

…and then I feel silly and cheesy and fall back on my dark, dramatic, monochromatic styles, with a focus on structure and texture (see: this) – until that begins to feel equally unoriginal, and the cycle repeats. It’s the dichotomy within my taste.

an unfortunate angle ...and again. i don't know what happened here. those are not my hips.
[Zoora skirt, H&M shirt, Forever 21 jacket, Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Solestruck, Zara umbrella bag, vinatge necklace from the Haberdash, Bevel ring from Occulter]

i totally curled my hair, but i didn't use any product. humidity is a bitch. now i just look scraggly.

At least I’m never at a loss for inspiration. Let’s hope that means more (and better, I promise) posts to come soon.

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16 Responses to Let’s Make a Habit of This

  1. I really like this outfit, especially the skirt. I’ve been trying to find one myself, I think they’re great.


  2. lei ann says:

    welcome back, love! hope to see you around sometime soon ^_^


  3. winterfodder says:

    Everything that you do is beautiful! I miss seeing your face and accidentally drinking too much wine while talking about writing with you. =( -N


  4. Samantha says:

    i knew i recognized that jacket! missed your face!



  5. charlotte says:

    YAYYYY!!!! YOUR BACK!!! AKKKK!!! happiness… but reallly I am so happy to see you blogging again… AND YOU GOT FETURED IN THE SUNDAY GLOBE!!! WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME???? heheee… anyways you look awesome… as usual..
    Charlotte (the strange, now 14 year old)


  6. I’m in love with that skirt! I hope you don’t mind if I purchase it for myself!


    • holleigh says:

      Of course I don’t mind! As soon as I saw this one someone else, I wanted it too. I snagged this one fresh off the model at our lookbook shoot, haha.


  7. I saw the Boston Globe thing on Facebook. So proud of my Holls! :) One things calm down for you a little, I want to see you! It’s been way too long.


  8. I love Zoora, and that hi-low skirt is such a great colour. The outfit looks nice with the printed top. Enjoy your week. Congrats on the feature!


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