City Stomping

you know what they say about girls with big shoes...

[H&M dress, Truly Madly Deeply tee from Urban Outfitters, Saks Fifth Avenue leather trim vest via eBay, Forever 21 jacket (similar), Unif Hellbound boots from Nasty Gal]

obligatory accessory shot
[Ax and Apple ring and May 28th watch from Fab, Bevel Camazotz claw ring from Occulter, various bits of brass]

Perfect weather a couple of weekends ago to take my new shoes for a stomp around the city. We stopped by the North End park for some shameless photo shooting before stocking up on baked delights at Bova’s (while Gregor drooled over Monica’s Salumeria next door).

black on black on black - this is how i colorblock


this one's for you, najeema

The new shoes in question? Unif Hellbounds. Who knew footwear could be so polarizing. Half the people we encountered on our wanderings offered friendly smiles and compliments. The other half stared like I was some sort of streetwalker. (The fact that my dress was continually creeping upwards probably did not help this – first time I wore it without leggings or tights. I adopted a pattern of step-step-pull, step-step-other-side, to keep things decent as we walked.)

Even among my friends, reactions to the shoes are divided. One was particularly appalled to see me partaking in this hideous trend. My defense? A taller girl could not understand the subtle undertones of having everyone literally looking down at you at all times. I put on these shoes and I command attention. I don’t care if they are trendy, I don’t care if they are ugly – well, fashion ugly, not ugly ugly – and more power to the short girls who want to rock flats. I will continue to embrace any shoe that makes me tall enough to see over the pastry counter, and these Hellbounds are just my latest in a line of loves.

goth flamingo

Unrelated note: This leather-trimmed vest was a serious score from eBay. I love the shape, and the leather is super soft; however, I suspect I know why the seller was letting it go. It has a tendency to leave black dye stains on any skin it touches. I’ve tried different leather seal and protector sprays, but to no avail. Know of any tips to prevent this?

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12 Responses to City Stomping

  1. Yuliya says:

    Crazy shoes !


  2. lei ann says:

    those shoes are super bad ass! yes, no one understands the trials & tribulations of us short girls & i’m even shorter than you…hahaha! i think what make them so awesome on you is that they actually fit perfectly with your style aesthetic. not *any* short girl could wear *any* tall platforms. they’d look ridic on me…but they’re totally you ^_^


  3. Holly, you might be shorter than me but I find myself constantly looking up to you (and not just because of your tall shoes)! I love everything about this outfit…except the shoes.


  4. Lyndsey says:

    Rock the tall shoes that I don’t dare approach! ha and I concur with the “command attention”! Heels are perfect for that ;)

    In regards to sealing the leather, try Resolene. A friend who works in leather goods uses it to seal her pieces. You can put the Resolene on both sides (under and top) and it will seal the leather like you want. Look into the specifics of using it and obviously test secret spot first before applying all over!


  5. Don’t worry… no matter what shoes you wear, you’ll always be a head above me. :)


  6. Kristen says:

    Here’s the thing. The shoes may not look great on other, less fashion-adventure women. But they look pretty awesome on you. You have the moxie to pull off those bad boys!


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