Jailhouse Chic

jailhouse chic pink hair davines

jailhouse chic tom scott jumpsuit davines pink hair leather backpack

jailhouse chic tom scott stripes metal collar shark tooth necklace

Jailhouse Chic…because how else would you describe a striped jumpsuit?

Alternate titles: Jailhouse Rock – cliché. Courthouse Rock – more accurate since we took these photos outside the Boston Municipal Court building, but it just doesn’t have the same ring.

Also Jailbait – although, it pains me to admit, that ship sailed over a decade ago. Gregor humors me and, if anyone asks my age in his presence, he’s quick to interject, “18, always” (which in itself is a bit of a compromise from my ideal, but he felt “seventeen” was too creepy even in jest).

In seriousness, I don’t lie about my age. Rather, with less than a year left of my 20s, I openly mourn the loss of my youth – and aging gracefully is not my style. I prefer denial (I’m not too old for pink hair and a nose ring, right?), anger (Out, damn wrinkles!), bargaining (I’ll wear SPF 70 every day and use every potion and cream in my arsenal), depression (It’s no use. I’m already too old to die young.), and, hopefully, a sense of humor.

jailhouse chic jumpsuit leather backpack davines pink hair big sunglasses leopard shoes

jailhouse chic jumpsuit leather backpack davines pink hair leopard shoes jailhouse chic jumpsuit leather backpack davines pink hair leopard shoes

jailhouse chic
[Tom Scott jumpsuit, H&M camisole, Senso shoes from Karmaloop (sold out, but still available here), Forever 21 backpack (sold out, but similar here and here), LF sunglasses, DIY shark tooth necklace]

Speaking of lost youth, a certain forever-young dandy in black is celebrating his birthday next week (which might explain my current preoccupation with age). We’ll be in Park City on our annual trip with his parents, but be sure to thoroughly shame him send him some love next Wednesday.

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8 Responses to Jailhouse Chic

  1. For many, many years I automatically told people I was 17 years old when they asked. And by people I mean, men. I only stopped when it went from funny to “who does she think she’s kidding?”

    Don’t worry. We’ll celebrate the last year of your 20s as if we were 21 once again. Or maybe we’ll just say we’re 21.


    • holleigh says:

      I only started when I knew it wasn’t fooling anyone. It’s just enough to confuse whoever asks. Maybe I’ll go all out and throw myself a “sweet 16” this year – ha!


  2. Santina says:

    Ah yes, saying goodbye to your twenties. For whatever reason, my 28th birthday was the tough one. By my 29th birthday, I was like “alright, let’s do this, thirties”. As a 32 year old woman with both pink hair and a nose ring, I can say that age is just a number. Except at 32, I rock my pink hair with way more confidence than I would have at age 23. ;)

    You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! You are working that romper, and obvs I love your hair.

    Can I come to you 21st birthday party that Najeema is planning? PLEEEEASE?!?!


    • holleigh says:

      My smile lines appeared at 22. That was a particularly rough year. As for 30, in my head I’ve been there since I hit 28. Also, I had no idea you were 32! (I tend to assume everyone is younger than I am.) You wear the pink hair and nose ring well and give me hope for my own future, haha.

      I think this party should really happen, and you must come!


  3. Avery says:

    Hi, question: is your pink hair in these recent posts the Davines Alchemic Red or is it a semi/permanent pink dye? I am way jealous.


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