Summer Snapshot

pastel pink hair moonrise kingdom

pink hair pastel h&m summertime campy pink hair h&m summer campy pastel ankle cuffs

pink hair, don't care ankle cuffs pastel

Question: What do leopard print shoes go with? Answer: Everything – or nothing, so wear them with anything. The shoes were not ideal here, but even the daintiest of my black platform heels seemed to weigh down this otherwise breezy outfit. These were the lightest option I had. (I’ve since amended the situation.)

My collection of clunky black boots complements my often dark wardrobe, but in the footwear category I seem to neglect my other weakness: powdery pastel shades. I instantly fell for the barely-grey and barely-peach.

Although the colors first drew my attention, these pieces became fast favorites. There is something about the track shorts, with a stripe of dusty moss trim down the sides, that feels like summer camp. These aren’t shorts that can be paired with tights as the weather turn cooler. They need bare legs and sticky hot sunshine. I’d gladly make them my uniform for as long as the season lasts.

pastel goth summer pink

pastel hair pink smile summer

pastel hair pink hair haircut summer h&m
[H&M shorts, tank and anklets, Senso shoes from Karmaloop (sold out, but still available here), DIY shark tooth necklace and DIY gold-leaf pill necklace]

The problem with clothes so inherently seasonal is that their time is fleeting. In a few weeks I’ll be packing these pieces away in favor of thick knits and campfire plaids. Even the shoes will be replaced by a trusty black pair of the closed toe variety. But until then I’ll wear these like a promise of long days and warm nights, seaside breezes, sunset picnics and adventures yet to come.

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5 Responses to Summer Snapshot

  1. winterfodder says:

    Gorgeous girl and lovely writing, as always!


  2. victorian says:

    Pretty photos!Love your hair!Cool!


  3. Love the hair! And the shoes. Miss you lady – we need to get together soon!


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