Fashion’s Night Out 2012

fno 2012 boston, rescue, newbury street, grunge

fno 2012 boston, newbury street, shopping, najeema astylizedhysteria

fno 2012 boston, newbury street, grunge

We were barely out of vacation mode from our annual Park City trip (more on that later), but when the fashion community throws a once-a-year party we have to at least check it out. Greg and I touched down in Boston just as 2012’s Fashion’s Night Out festivities were kicking off. We had only enough time to grab some non-airline food, slip into something more appropriate (my lazy temptation not to change from my travel garb was swiftly vetoed by Najeema), and get out to meet friends on Newbury Street.

Despite a deadly humidity, the turnout was even greater than last year – and we only saw one street of it. This year the event had expanded to include locations across Boston and Cambridge. The individual stops, however, were noticeably scaled down. Stores stayed open later, offering champagne, music and special deals, but the over-the-top attractions of last year – photobooth flipbooks, free on-the-spot hair extensions, live in-store music, gift bags galore – were absent. It was hardly unexpected, after rumors from New York that last year’s FNO would be the last.

This whole ridiculous scheme to get people spending money is absolutely laughable, but I enjoy the festive atmosphere of the evening, and I’m happy to (selfishly) support an industry that’s been hit by the rough economy – with or without additional gimmicks. With many stores so packed we could barely get through, I suspect the crowds agreed. It’s one night a year when you’re encouraged to spend money on yourself without guilt or regret – in fact, in the spirit of the holiday, it’s practically a charitable donation! Anything more is just icing on the cake.

fno 2012 boston, newbury street, grunge and sequins, holleigh and najeema astylizedhysteria
Fighting the crowds with Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria

fno 2012 boston, marissa of the well-appointed catwalk, holleigh of covetous creatures, and najeema of a stylized hysteria
Marissa of The Well-Appointed Catwalk made the first purchase of the night – a pair of printed Rag & Bone jeans

fno 2012 boston, reiss, kara of the bostonista,  marissa of the well-appointed catwalk, and najeema of a stylized hysteria
A stop at Reiss, where Kara from The Bostonista was hosting a night of style (please ignore my unflattering face)

fno 2012 boston, rescue, newbury street, grunge
Ending the night with Wei Wei outside Rescue

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2 Responses to Fashion’s Night Out 2012

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by FNO event at Reiss! It was so great to finally meet you in person! I hope you guys had fun! It sounds like you had a great time shopping.


  2. Great blog you have going on here! We are also based in Boston and don’t know many bloggers from the area. Come by sometime and say hi ;)


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