White Out

white out gif

white out summer all white everything mirror image

white out summer all white everything

white out summer all white everything mirror image
[H&M top and skirt, Freya bra from ASOS, Joe’s Jeans sweater from Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria, Zara heels]

Took some time off from blogging. Not much has changed. I’m trying red lipstick and amateur Photoshop play. Rocking some special new bling. My hair is less white, my outfits more so, and I still fear wearing the pristine color like my pasty skin fears the sun.

I love the heavily 90s-influenced all white everything trend that has taken over the summer, but I know my propensity to spill and stain and generally discolor anything so crisp and clean. Rather than investing in something nice only for it to befall an ill fate (as if I could afford the investment at all), I hit the sale racks at H&M and picked up a handful of pieces so cheap I’m not afraid to actually wear them. Brilliant!

Ivania of Love Aesthetics did a post revealing some of the mystery of maintaining an all white wardrobe. Be warned — the trick seems simply to be discipline. Learn not to let your skin touch your clothing or your clothing touch anything else, and turn things inside-out when you eat? It did little to make whites seem more wearable (in a practical sense), but I do have a deeper respect for her. And I imagine the clothing upkeep is nothing compared to the challenges of all white interiors. Do you cover your couch in plastic before offering a seat to anyone in overdyed jeans? And pillowcases! One night without thorough makeup removal and they’re through. Do you even attempt washing, or just consider them disposable and call it a night?

My dreams of collapsing into a cloud-like bed will remain just that until someone lets me in on these secrets, and I fear even then it will be a case of lifestyle clash. In the meantime I’ll be counting on small victories — like two outings, one dinner, many walked miles, even a moment of weakness sitting on a stoop, and one white skirt that is no worse for the wear.

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8 Responses to White Out

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Beware of black bag straps! Recently my leather cross-body left a permanent scar on my new white/black striped top. Accessories are the last thing I think about in regards to danger and white, but I’ll pay closer attention from now on; even a necklace could cause damage!

    So excited to see a new post!


  2. Nora Mathews says:

    My tactic has been washing and stain-removing whites by hand, with lots of bleach and oxi clean. Also, getting at stains the second they show up. SO MUCH WORK.


    • holleigh says:

      Definitely hand washing! We have no washer/dryer in our building, and the last time I sent new whites out for washing they came back distinctly grey.


  3. May says:

    Yay, you’re back!
    I just recently found and consumed most of your covetous creatures posts, got inspired to dye my tips pink and ended back up at your last post, with fingers crossed that the break wouldn’t end up in a blog-you split up :)

    You have something here …well, at least I can say that I’m inspired, haha.
    May, Denmark / travellinhome.com


    • May says:

      ps. One tip for sad, newly stained whites: Leave them with (transparent or white) washing liquid on the stain in a tied-up bag overnight, before washing, and it sometimes makes a difference.


      • holleigh says:

        So glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’d love to see how the pink tips worked out for you! And I am definitely trying the stain removal trick on my whites – thank you!


  4. Amanda says:

    vintage jewelry can be dangerous too! I found a necklace of mine left a stain on a white blouse right in the middle of the bust, likely due to a finish that had worn off over time :(

    In other news, those first images are stunning!


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