Going to the Chapel

going to the chapel insta collage
dropping fleurs
flowers and feets
playing it cool

If only I were a much cooler bride-to-be… If I were more laid back, less sentimental… If only I had been wiser to what I know now to be inexorable truths of this wedding business… It’s amazing how quickly the idea of a simple, intimate gathering of family and close friends slips through your grasp the moment you begin planning.

I didn’t set out to make a wedding-related post. Gregor and I had spent an afternoon in the park with a friend before walking her to work at a nearby hotel. We arrived just as they were breaking down the ballroom from the previous night’s affair. Before a cart overflowing with floral arrangements was wheeled off to the trash, she offered us our pick. I grabbed as many as my arms could hold without so much as making a dent in the array.

It’s a funny thing… The moment I had a bouquet – even the haphazard pile of discarded flowers in my arms – the casual white dress I’d worn all day was transformed into something vaguely bridal. Our walk home felt like an awkward wedding procession. People stopped and stared as we made our way through the city, sunglasses on, buried under bundles of roses and baby’s breath, laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

We filled every vase and decorative bowl in the apartment, and still had excess to play. Once I secured a branch of blossoms to the top of my head and picked up the down-sized remains of the bouquet, my look went from vaguely bridal to perfectly so – at least in a relaxed, modern sense. Had it not been a Sunday, had proper paperwork been filed, had plans not already been set in motion, and especially had I been so much cooler, we might have gone straight to City Hall. Instead we opted for a few photos.

As much as the price tags give me heart palpitations, Greg and I are enjoying this process. Maybe we won’t have our first choice in everything… Challenges will arise, and somewhere along the lines things are bound to go wrong. It’s just one night, one celebration. The next day the food will be gone, decorations taken down, flowers put out with the trash – but we will be married, facing our next big adventures together. It makes it easy to stay calm about minor details.

To be honest, I’m far more nervous about this weekend, when both sets of parents will be visiting to meet for the first time – something we’ve somehow avoided for 9 years! Wish us luck!

eauty and destruction
smelling roses and modern bridal exasperation

rmellow urban city hall bride[ASOS dress, sunglasses, bag, and shoes]

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4 Responses to Going to the Chapel

  1. LOVE the outfit, such a good post title to go with it

    Love if you checked out my blog

    Mimi x.


  2. sami says:

    love your writing so much, holly. i went through the same anxiety with wedding planning- but once you start to make the decisions about the things you want to spend the money on and the things that can be so-so, you will feel much better about it :) do you have your dress already?? that’s major!!!! i can’t wait to see more pictures! congrats again to you and gregor. i love your love story :)



    • holleigh says:

      Thank you!! I have only just started looking at dresses, and I am already getting anxious. Other decisions, however, are beginning to come together after the parental visits.


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