I Come From the Water

summer to fall transitional outfit in flowered shorts, knee socks and sweater

summer to fall transitional outfit in flowered shorts, knee socks and sweater

mandy coon ginny bunny bag

summer to fall transitional outfit in flowered shorts, knee socks and sweater
[Brandy Melville tank and sweater, … shorts (similar here and here) Vagabond Flax flatforms (similar), Mandy Coon bunny bag]

Seems like a dark title for such a bright post, but it was the first thing that popped into my head. (Can we talk about The Toadies for a second? Gregor and I saw them perform a few years ago, because yes, they still tour. When Possum Kingdom came on, the couple in front of us started squealing excitedly. They mouthed the words to each other like it was some sort of love song. Clearly the meaning was lost on them. But now I’m off track before I’ve even begun…)

Back to the water. For 3 years now we’ve lived within view of the Charles River and the Esplanade, but I think this summer was the first time we’ve taken full advantage. We walked, we ran (crazy, right?), we wandered. We picnicked on the docks and passed a frisbee in the grass (crazier still). We even went out on the water in pedal boats on a whim. We watched movies at the Hatch Shell on Friday nights and listened to Philharmonic performances during the week. We ate ice cream (for me) and hot dogs (for Gregor) from the newly restored cafe.

Our apartment has great big windows, but a view of neither the sky nor the ground – just glimpses into other windows. What a tease! Sometimes I get claustrophobic and a little stir crazy in here, but the proximity to the water and all it has to offer almost makes up for all that.

Today may officially be the first day of fall, and one by one the attractions on the Esplanade are closing for the season, but there are still a few good weeks left. I plan to spend as much time as possible enjoying the Charles River views before frost sets in and condemns the city to months of hibernation.

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3 Responses to I Come From the Water

  1. I’m terrible about taking advantage of my surroundings, too. It was only in my last year (of 6!) living near the Mt. Auburn Cemetery that I finally set foot in the place, despite everyone telling me how beautiful it is. Glad to see that you’re taking advantage of the Esplanade. It’s certainly a beautiful spot for blog photos. :)


  2. I’ve done the same thing and then I wonder why I waited so long to enjoy everything the city has to offer !! Great post and photos! I love a nice leather jacket


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