Golden Hour

rooftop sunset
windy rooftop sunset
rooftop sunset
Hazy city summer days are best spent minimally clothed and – if at all possible – high above the sweaty streets. Rooftop breezes float through gossamer panels and featherweight knits. Bathed in the final drops of sunlight on a July night, it’s easy to forget hair sticking to the back of your neck and bare legs sticking to plastic patio seats, and to find the whole thing a bit romantic.

rooftop sunset golden hour
rooftop sunset epic view
rooftop sunset[ASOS top and shoes, H&M shorts, Joe’s Jeans sweater from Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria]

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Dandy Covets: Warby Parker x Ghostly

Warby Parker x Ghostly

Warby Parker continues to hit the mark with each move. They have recently added brick and mortar locations in addition their online presence. Every day at the apartment I see more and more of their boxes waiting to be claimed in the vestibule, not to mention the UPS guy trudging down Newbury Street with a precariously perched pile (say that 3 times fast) on his trolley. Now with their most recent collaboration with creative collective Ghostly International, there is inevitably another reason to keep an eye on the company.

The tag line from the Warby Parker website for this limited edition run reads: “This graphic pair of sunglasses is a little bit moody and a little bit mysterious — the eyewear equivalent of a secret handshake.” There is definitely a darker aesthetic to the piece. It has a similar feeling to the staple shapes of Chronicles of Never and Kusbi. They are geometrical without being harsh. The shape is timeless and universal and wouldn’t look out of place in an early Gregg Araki movie or a summertime screening of Back to the Beach.

Warby Parker x Ghostly

Though the limited edition glasses sold out fast, you can still see inspiration from Ghostly on the Warby Parker site. If anything this only has me more eager to see their next move.

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Currently Coveting: Leather Visors

skingraft leather visors

For those who are blissfully unaware, Boston has been downright tropical lately in an extended heatwave, with no end in sight. Amidst slathering on SPF 100 and watching sunglasses melt down my nose, my need for something that can shield my eyes from the glare and shade the bits of my face most prone to burns is becoming increasingly urgent. Snapbacks and wide-brimmed hats do not offer proper ventilation for temperatures in the 90s, and anything in a straw variety feels cliché. What could be more practical than a visor? Combined with the impracticality of summer leather, this item has quickly moved to the top of my want list. Luckily, there are a wide range of styles to choose from.

Skingraft, aka the one that started the obsession. I spotted it browsing their summer sale on my phone early one morning. By the time I was fully awake and went to pull it up on my laptop for a closer look, the visor had sold out. The search was officially on. [Skingraft Vice Leather Visor, pictured above, sold out]

Larissa Hadjio
larissa hadjio visorsClassic or with a twist. The designer’s cat ear version offers just the right touch of whimsy without going overboard on the twee. [Larissa Hadjio Classic and Cat Ear Visors, 188 GBP]

Zana Bayne
zana bayne riding cap

For the daring. While fashion harnesses have gone mainstream, Zana Bayne remains the standard. Her take on the visor – er, ride cap – incorporates her signature heavy hardware and a hint of kink. [Zana Bayne Ride Cap, $260, and unpictured Woven Visor, $125]

Gigi Burris
gigi burris visor

Feeling luxurious? If sporty visors are not your thing, the silk chiffon scarf on this milliner’s creation gives it a retro glam vibe. [Gigi Burris Jackie Visor, $490]

Fleet Ilya
fleet ilya visors

The perfect fit. With a wide variety of colors in both basic and racer back styles, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste. [Fleet Ilya Visors, $272-408]

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Red, White & Beautiful with Bow & Drape

bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook red diane maxi dress
bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook white hepburn skirt
bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook navy cardimono

I typically stick to neutrals or sun-bleached pastels, but in the spirit of Fourth of July weekend I wanted to share a bit of red, white and blue. Recently Greg and I teamed up with Bow & Drape to shoot the patriotic #redwhitebeautiful insta-lookbook.

For those not familiar with Bow & Drape, the Boston-based fashion start-up offers beautiful basics and occasion wear, all customizable and made-to-order in NYC. In addition to fabrics, colors, and design details (sleeves, necklines, and hem lines), pieces can be personalized with trims like leather and lace or hand-painted flower motifs. For this shoot, however, we stuck with the classics: a luxe maxi wrap dress with Marilyn Monroe appeal, a full and flirty skirt perfect for picnics and waterfront walks, and their signature piece, the cardimono, a versatile cover-up in rich crepe de chine.

I had a great time with Aubrie and the Bow & Drape team, sipping watermelon sodas, picking flowers, and running barefoot through the grass while Greg snapped away. You can see the entire lookbook (plus behind the scenes) on their Instagram and shop the looks online, but these are a few of my favorites from the day that didn’t make the cut.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend!

bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook red kate dress
bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook red diane maxi dress
bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook white silk shell
bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook white hepburn skirt (in a sweeter sort of wicked witch moment)
bow and drape red white beautiful lookbook navy kate dress

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White Out

white out gif

white out summer all white everything mirror image

white out summer all white everything

white out summer all white everything mirror image
[H&M top and skirt, Freya bra from ASOS, Joe’s Jeans sweater from Najeema of A Stylized Hysteria, Zara heels]

Took some time off from blogging. Not much has changed. I’m trying red lipstick and amateur Photoshop play. Rocking some special new bling. My hair is less white, my outfits more so, and I still fear wearing the pristine color like my pasty skin fears the sun.

I love the heavily 90s-influenced all white everything trend that has taken over the summer, but I know my propensity to spill and stain and generally discolor anything so crisp and clean. Rather than investing in something nice only for it to befall an ill fate (as if I could afford the investment at all), I hit the sale racks at H&M and picked up a handful of pieces so cheap I’m not afraid to actually wear them. Brilliant!

Ivania of Love Aesthetics did a post revealing some of the mystery of maintaining an all white wardrobe. Be warned — the trick seems simply to be discipline. Learn not to let your skin touch your clothing or your clothing touch anything else, and turn things inside-out when you eat? It did little to make whites seem more wearable (in a practical sense), but I do have a deeper respect for her. And I imagine the clothing upkeep is nothing compared to the challenges of all white interiors. Do you cover your couch in plastic before offering a seat to anyone in overdyed jeans? And pillowcases! One night without thorough makeup removal and they’re through. Do you even attempt washing, or just consider them disposable and call it a night?

My dreams of collapsing into a cloud-like bed will remain just that until someone lets me in on these secrets, and I fear even then it will be a case of lifestyle clash. In the meantime I’ll be counting on small victories — like two outings, one dinner, many walked miles, even a moment of weakness sitting on a stoop, and one white skirt that is no worse for the wear.

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Pardon the Interruption…

covetous creatures returning summer 2013

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Fashion’s Night Out 2012

fno 2012 boston, rescue, newbury street, grunge

fno 2012 boston, newbury street, shopping, najeema astylizedhysteria

fno 2012 boston, newbury street, grunge

We were barely out of vacation mode from our annual Park City trip (more on that later), but when the fashion community throws a once-a-year party we have to at least check it out. Greg and I touched down in Boston just as 2012’s Fashion’s Night Out festivities were kicking off. We had only enough time to grab some non-airline food, slip into something more appropriate (my lazy temptation not to change from my travel garb was swiftly vetoed by Najeema), and get out to meet friends on Newbury Street.

Despite a deadly humidity, the turnout was even greater than last year – and we only saw one street of it. This year the event had expanded to include locations across Boston and Cambridge. The individual stops, however, were noticeably scaled down. Stores stayed open later, offering champagne, music and special deals, but the over-the-top attractions of last year – photobooth flipbooks, free on-the-spot hair extensions, live in-store music, gift bags galore – were absent. It was hardly unexpected, after rumors from New York that last year’s FNO would be the last.

This whole ridiculous scheme to get people spending money is absolutely laughable, but I enjoy the festive atmosphere of the evening, and I’m happy to (selfishly) support an industry that’s been hit by the rough economy – with or without additional gimmicks. With many stores so packed we could barely get through, I suspect the crowds agreed. It’s one night a year when you’re encouraged to spend money on yourself without guilt or regret – in fact, in the spirit of the holiday, it’s practically a charitable donation! Anything more is just icing on the cake.

Besides, who needs photobooths with Gregor around to take pictures? Click through for more snaps of the night…

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